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Updated: Jul 16, 2020

This handy compact solution is ideal for taking photos or videos (of yourself or others) with a smartphone. It's an inexpensive universal vlogger's kit, consisting of a dimmable bi-color LED ring lamp, table tripod and smartphone holder that will give you that extra bit of light and also allow you to match the light perfectly to the environment. The ring lamp has 120 small LED lights, which are located under a diffuser. Together they generate 10 Watts of power. You can set the colour temperature of the LED lamp from 3200K (warm yellow light) to 5600K (daylight), and everything in between. Moreover, you can also determine the power of the lamp yourself and immediately see the effect of the LED light in your picture. Power is supplied via the included micro-USB cable. This allows you to connect the StudioKing SKRL10 to your laptop/computer. If you want to connect to mains power you can buy a mains adapter separately. To take pictures with your smartphone, simply place it in the mobile phone holder provided. This is attached to the flexible bar, so you can position your smartphone exactly as needed. The holder is suitable for mobile phones with a width between 53 and 72 mm. At the bottom of the ring light there is a spigot adapter which allows you to attach the StudioKing lamp to the included table stand. The mechanism on the spigot adapter allows you to rotate the lamp 360 degrees and to tilt it. In conclusion, you can position the lamp, your smartphone and the tripod completely according to your own preference.

Now you are ready to make the perfect recording!

Order yours here:

Order yours here:

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