One of the best accessories you'll ever own

The Matin M-7113 Multi Card Case can be used to store both you memory cards and batteries safely. The case contains 2 compartments and each compartment is compatible with 5 different types of memory cards. Additionally, the case also has room for 8 AA batteries or AAA batteries. It is shock resistant and made of anti-static material, ensuring your memory cards are protected against electromagnetic damage. The perfect accessory for any photographer who likes to keep their camera bag tidy and have quick and easy access to essentials.

The M-7113 is suitable for the following memory cards:

- Compact Flash - Secure Digital (SD) - Memory Stick - Smart Media - xD-picture

The box is 110 x 72 x 20mm, weighs 70 grams and has a dark navy blue colour.

Order yours here:

Order yours here:

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