The BY-M8C from Boya is a lavalier microphone, which can be connected to any camera with a separate XLR cable (not included). Convenient for interviews, where you want a reliable, wired solution. The unique feature of the BY-M8C is the XLR connector. If you normally use a XLR cable to connect your camera to a handheld microphone, you can now use the same cable for the BY-M8C. The set comes in a convenient storage bag. A clamp and wind filter are also included.

High quality BY-M8C

The BY-M8C is made of high quality materials for a high sound quality. The housing is made of brass, which contributes to a long life. The microphone capsule guarantees a lifelike, natural voice.

Usage BY-M8C

You can use the BY-M8C for interviews, presentations and other events where voice has to be recorded. A handheld microphone may be disturbing and always requires the hand from the interviewer. The BY-M8C clings to the interviewee's clothes, after which you have your hands free to operate the camera.

Boya Cardioid Lavalier Microphone BY-M8C

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