The Boya Condenser Shotgun Microphone BY-BM2021 is a supercardioid directional microphone, which is ideal for video and sound recording with your smartphone and camera. For high reliability, this directional microphone is made of ABS material and equipped with a built-in shock absorber. This eliminates unnecessary vibrations and thus background noise. The microphone focuses on sound at the front and reduces noises all around.

The included TRS and TRRS cables ensure that the microphone is compatible with almost all smartphones, tablets, DSLRs and other cameras that have a 3.5mm input. Lightweight and compact, the microphone is easy to use for handheld recording.

Usage BY-BM2021

Because the microphone is battery-free, you never have to turn it on or off! The microphone is powered mainly by cameras, camcorders and smartphones. For use with your camera, attach the microphone using the hotshoe mount. You then connect the camera to the microphone using the 3.5mm TRS audio cable. If you want to use the microphone with your smartphone, tablet or Mac, for example, connect the 3.5mm TRRS audio cable to your electronic device.

Boya Condenser Shotgun Microphone BY-BM2021

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