The BY-B05 from Boya consists of a set of three identical wind covers, which are an essential accessory for lavalier microphones. When making outdoor shots, there may be some wind noise in the audio sound. By sliding a BY-B05 windshield over the microphone capsule, this problem is almost always solved.

Usage BY-B05 windscreen

You can use the BY-B05 windscreen for almost any tie-pin microphone. The windbreaker has been developed by Boya, but in principle it can be used universally. The diameter of the microphone capsule is always suitable, due to the use of elastic. The BY-B05 windscreen is produced in dark gray and therefore the best to use with dark clothing. Some examples of lavalier microphones that are suitable:

- BY-DM2
- BY-M1
- BY-WM8
- BY-WM6
- BY-WM5
- BY-WM4
- BY-LM400
- BY-LM300

Boya Deadcat Windshield BY-B05

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