The Boya Dynamic Handheld Instrument Microphone BY-BM57 is a cardioid microphone that is ideal for recording instrument sounds, such as drums or guitars. The dynamic microphone has a built-in pop filter and comes standard with a tiltable microphone holder and five-metre XLR to 6.5mm cable. 

The wide dynamic range (the difference between the quietest and loudest sounds the microphone can capture correctly) makes the BY-BM57 ideal for instruments. Sound levels for drums, for example, can vary enormously. The cardioid directional characteristic makes sounds clearly audible and filters out ambient noise and noise. This allows the BY-BM57 to register sounds in professional quality. 

If you do not want to hold the microphone in your hand, you can mount it in the supplied holder, which has a 3/8" female threaded connection at the bottom. Using the integrated tilt system, you can then easily position the BY-BM57 in any position you like. Through the 3-pin XLR cable you connect your Boya microphone to the desired device, such as an audio mixer or XLR audio recorder (see optional accessories). Because the BY-BM57 is dynamic, no power is needed to use the microphone. This logically eliminates the need for batteries. To make it safe and easy to carry, a leatherette storage case is included as standard. 

Usage Boya BY-BM57

When you're looking for a reliable microphone that captures crisp, clear sounds with low background noise, the Boya BY-BM57 is highly effective. Think, for example, of use when recording sound from instruments or live performances. You can use the microphone in your hand, or just place it in the holder and mount it on a tripod (not included). The included XLR to 6.5mm cable is five meters long and therefore allows you to use your microphone at greater distances from the audio device. XLR extension cables are optionally available if desired.

Boya Dynamic Handheld Instrument Microphone BY-BM57

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