The Boya BY-HM100 is a professional hand-held microphone specially designed for ENG productions and interviews. Its omnidirectional characteristics ensure that a voice is recorded clearly from each direction. The body of the microphone is made completely from metal, ensuring a high quality and great protection. Due to the dynamic element, the BY-HM100 is ideal for recording speech and singing. Another advantage is that the BY-HM100 doesn't need any extra battery. The BY-HM100 is delivered in a protective case.

Application BY-HM100

The BY-HM100 provides the basis for a good sound quality. For example, such as recording voice, vocals and instruments. This makes it an indispensable accessory for ENG productions, interviews, music productions and much more. You can connect the BY-HM100 to all 3-pin female XLR cables and connect them to your camera.

Boya Handheld Microphone BY-HM100

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