The Boya BY-WHM8 Pro is a wireless, versatile handheld microphone. Do you want to record interviews, speech, vocals or music productions in high quality? Then this microphone is perfect for you! The microphone is compatible with (accessories of) the Boya microphone sets BY-WM8 Pro-K1 and BY-WM8 Pro-K2.

The advantage of the Pro version over previous versions is the lower distortion rate. For the BY-WHM8 Pro, the distortion rate is only 0.5%, compared to previous versions where it was 0.8%. As a result, even less background noise is now audible, so sound is recorded in higher quality. This is partly due to the cardioid directional characteristics of the microphone. This ensures that voice is clearly audible and ambient noise is filtered out.

The BY-WHM8 Pro features an LCD display that makes it easy to read the settings. You can choose between 48 channels and two channel groups: A or B. The microphone connects you to a receiver (optionally available) by setting it to the same channel. The maximum range is 100 meters compared to the receiver, if there are no obstacles in between. To use the microphone, insert two AA batteries (not included) into the rear compartment. The display shows a battery indicator, so you will never unexpectedly run out of power. A synthetic leather storage pouch is included as standard, so you can take it with you safely and easily.

Usage Boya Handheld Microphone BY-WHM8 Pro

To use the Boya Microphone, insert two AA batteries into the bottom compartment. Use the display to set the desired channel number and channel group. On the same channel you can also set the receiver, for example the BY-RX8. Are you not going to use the microphone for a while? Then remove the batteries from the device.

Boya Handheld Microphone BY-WHM8 Pro

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