The Boya Lavalier Microphone BY-DM2 is a lightweight and compact microphone that allows you to record high-quality voice and other sounds with use of your smartphone. The BY-DM2 is compatible with all Android devices that have a USB-C connection (Android version 5.0 or later). The included microphone clip allows you to mount the microphone close to the sound source. The omnidirectional directivity ensures that sound is continuously recorded at the same volume. It does not matter from which side you talk into the microphone. Because the microphone gets its power from your smartphone, you do not need batteries.

Usage Boya BY-DM2

To use the microphone, simply connect the microphone cable (length 6 metres) to your smartphone. Then attach the windscreen to the microphone, even when recording indoors. This ensures that wind noise is reduced. The microphone clip allows you to easily attach the microphone to your clothing, approximately 10 cm from your mouth. You can also use a deadcat windscreen (see optional accessories) for silent recordings outside as well.

Boya Lavalier Microphone BY-DM2 for Android

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