Boya's BY-PVM3000M is a professional high-end directional microphone with supercardioid directional characteristics. The built-in preamp module ensures that the sound is amplified. The BY-PVM3000 is available in two versions: S and M. You are currently viewing the M version, with a length of 38 cm. The M version records sound at an angle of 50 degrees. Compared to the S-version, the BY-PVM3000M records sound at a smaller angle. This results in a muffler volume and relatively less ambient noise. The BY-PVM3000M is suitable for long distances. The button on the BY-PVM3000M switches the microphone on and allows you to switch on a low-cut filter if you wish. This blocks unwanted humming, for example from air conditioning or traffic.

Usage BY-PVM3000M

The BY-PVM3000M is ideal when you want to capture sound from a distance of several meters pure and where background noise has to be filtered out. The built-in xlr-male connection allows you to connect an xlr cable and connect the microphone to your camera. We also have a dedicated cable to connect to your iPhone (see optional accessories). The supplied pop cap and wind filter ensure that you do not suffer from (wind) noise indoors and outdoors. The BY-PVM3000M is mounted in a holder with elastic bands. This ensures that movements or taps on the camera do