The Boya USB Studio Microphone BY-PM700SP is a condenser microphone, suitable for your smartphone, laptop and computer. The universal microphone is ideal for recording speech, interviews, conference calls, vocals, instruments, podcasts and more. Unlike the regular BY-PM700, this console microphone is also suitable for use with your iOS or Android smartphone (connector cables included). The microphone features an eye-catching silver case and comes in an adjustable table stand where you can rotate the microphone vertically by 360 degrees.

The BY-PM700SP is multifunctional and has four recording characteristics that you can select individually:

• Stereo: side sounds are recorded; front and rear sounds are filtered. Suitable for stereo recording of general sound.
• Cardioid: front side sounds are recorded; other side sounds are ignored. Suitable for recording dialogues, podcasts and speeches, for example.
• Omnidirectional: sounds from all sides are recorded evenly. Suitable for vivid, natural recording of, for example, voice sounds and surroundings.
• Bi-directional: sounds from the front and back are recorded; sounds from the sides are filtered. Suitable for recording an interview between two people, or instruments.

The studio microphone is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows and macOS via the included connector cables. Your device also supplies power to the microphone. So you don't need any batteries. Using software of your choice, such as Audacity or Audition, you can easily make sound recordings and save them directly.

Usage Boya USB Studio Microphone BY-PM700SP

To use the microphone, connect it to your device via the appropriate connector cables. The microphone is then automatically supplied with power. Then turn the microphone to the desired position. On the front of the housing there is a volume control and mute function. You can also listen to recorded sound in real time. To do this, plug your headphones into the microphone's 3.5 mm output. Using the 5/8" female thread on the underside of the microphone, you can, for example, attach it to a boom arm (see optional accessories)

Boya USB Studio Microphone BY-PM700SP

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