The Boya Wind Cup with Anti Shock Microphone Mounting BY-WS1000 is a professional wind cup that reduces wind noise. By using the included deadcat, you can be sure that natural background noise is eliminated.

Because the BY-WS1000 has three Anti-shock rings, all heavy shocks and vibrations are absorbed or reduced to a minimum. Therefore, you can even use the BY-WS1000 at the coast to interview people and/or make reports.

Application BY-WS1000

This Boya windshield with Anti Shock Microphone Mount is suitable for directional microphones that have a maximum length of 320 mm with a diameter of 20-22 mm. You can mount the microphone in the windshield to an XLR-female plug. From the lightweight handle with non-slip grip, this XLR cable emerges again, with an XLR-male connection.
At the bottom of this handle you will find a 3/8" and 1/4" female threaded mount that allows you to extend this handle so you can keep the microphone out of sight during recording.

Boya Windshield with Anti Shock Microphone Mount BY-WS1000

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