The Falcon Eyes Adapter DBBW-EX Universal is an adapter for a (studio) flash to a Bowens accessory. Like softboxes, beauty dishes, snoots or octaboxes in all sorts, shapes and sizes. By attaching an arbitrary adapter ring (with a diameter of 15.4 cm) into the DBBW-EX, it is suitable to link your relevant studio flash with an accessory, provided with a Bowens S-bayonet connection.


The adapter ring (also known as speed ring) DBBW-EX from Falcon Eyes is interchangeable, making it suitable for other brands such as Elinchrom, Falcon Eyes, Linkstar, StudioKing, Profoto, Multiblitz, Menik, DigiLite, CompactLite, Digix, Pro-x, Qihe, Lastolite en Aurora, Richter, Hensel, Varilux, Xeuro, Magnolux, Balcar, Profilux, Xenolux and more. An extra adapter should be purchased for this. See the optional accessories for this.

Falcon Eyes Adapter DBBW-EX Universal to Bowens

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