This professional aluminum case YK-002 from Falcon Eyes is a handy case to transport your equipment safely. The YK-002 is suitable for the CLL-series lamps from Falcon Eyes. You can transport the case by carrying it using the sturdy handles. The case weighs 16 kg and is delivered without foam or partition.

Usage Falcon Eyes Aluminum Case YK-002

You can use the YK-002 case for a CLL-4800, a CLL-3000 of two CLL-1600 lamps. The original packaging of these CLL lamps fits exactly in the YK-002 case, so you do not need to buy extra foam. Of course you can also transport other equipment and goods in this case.


  • Outer dimensions (LxWxH): 590 x 460 x 450 mm


Falcon Eyes Aluminium Case YK-002 59x46x45 cm for CLL Series

SKU: 290855