This article is a spare antenna and is suitable for the Falcon Eyes LED lamps of the Sophiez, the flexible RX panel en LPL series.

Application Falcon Eyes Antenna for LED Controller

The antenna has to be mounted on the side of the controller with the thread. Thanks to the swivel, the antenna can be angled up to 90°.

The antenna is suitable for the following articles:

Sophiez series:
SO-48 / SO-68 / SO-108 / SO-148 / SO-150 / SO-300
SO-40 / SO-60

RX flexible panels:
RX-12 / RX-18 / RX-24 / RX-29 / RX-36 / RX-48 / RX-120 / RX-318

LPL series:
All LPL LED and Soft LED lamps

For most of the LED lamps separate replacement controllers are also available, see optional accessories.

Falcon Eyes Antenna for LED Controller

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