The TS-2350 tripod from Falcon Eyes distinguishes itself in a special way: the legs unfold themself automatically when you place the tripod on the ground. After that, you can use the tripod immediatly and does it have the firmness that you can expect from a Falcon Eyes product. We made a video to show you the operation of the function, please see below.

Specifications TS-2350

The maximum height of this tripod is 235cm. The tripod can be extended at three locations, to let you adjust the height easy and fast. The legs come with rubber feet, to save the floor. The features a 1/4" screw-thread, which can be protected with an included rubber cap.

Maximum loading weight 

  • First section: 6+ kg.
  • Second section: 6 kg.
  • Third section: 4+ kg. 
  • Fourth section: 4 kg.



Falcon Eyes Automatic light stand TS-2350 235 cm

SKU: 295220