The Falcon Eyes AP-4200 Autopole is a lightweight but sturdy autopole, which can be mounted between a floor and ceiling with a minimum height of 230 cm and a maximum height of 420 cm. The AP-4200 is delivered in 3 sections, allowing you to determine yourself if you wish to use 2 or 3 sections. Further, the AP-4200 is supplied with 2 rubber feet, which can be placed on the bottom and top of the pole to prevent damage to your floor and ceiling. These protective, rubber feet also make it essential to use the AP-4200 on location without damaging the floor and ceiling. When used in conjunction with the additional Falcon Eyes CL-35 Tube Clamp, the AP-4200 can be used with all types of studio equipment. Further, the AP-4200 can be used in conjunction with the Falcon Eyes AP-HT Foot for extra stability. Please see the optional accessories tab below for all compatible accessories.

Falcon Eyes AP-4200 Autopole Specifications

Tube Diameter: 30 mm
Feet Diameter: 60 mm
Floor (1st) Section: 126.5 cm – 222.5 cm
2nd Section: 92.5 cm
3rd Section: 107 cm

Falcon Eyes Autopole AP-4200 H 2,30/4,20 m

SKU: 296930