The Falcon Eyes Paper Back Drop Rolls are of high quality and various colors and sizes are available. The paper background rolls are not only an economical replacement for cloth backgrounds, but they also form a flat and solid background, making it easier for the photographer to shoot their desired subjects. All Falcon Eyes background rolls come on a sturdy cylinder, which can easily be placed on a backdrop support.

Due to the sheer weight of this paper background roll, it is crucial that a sturdy background system such as the Falcon Eyes Professional Background System SPK-1A with an optional metal chain is used in conjunction with these larger paper rolls.

The following sizes are available:

- 1.35 x 11 meters
- 2.75 x 11 meters
- 2.75 x 25 meters
- 2.75 x 50 meters
- 3.56 x 30 meters

Please note: due the difference in computer monitor screens, worldwide, the colors of the backdrop may differ slightly from the picture shown.

Please also note: Different shipping costs are calculated for long packages (over 2.3 meters long) such as background rolls (2.75 meters) and celling rail systems (3 meters).

- Within the Netherlands, each long package is charged at an extra € 15.
- For long packages needing to go to Belgium, the cost is €18,5 per package.
- For all other countries, please do not hesitate to contact us for a price.
- Weight per square meter: 180 grams sq / m

Background rolls with a width of 3.56 meters will be shipped free of charge within the Netherlands. Please contact us to determine the shipping costs for these background rolls for delivery outside of the Netherlands.


Falcon Eyes Background Paper 88 Smoke Grey 3.56 x 30 m

SKU: 2964088