The BB-06 from Falcon Eyes is a battery pack with NP-F connection, which is suitable for multiple Falcon Eyes LED lamps. You can also use the BB-06 to power other devices with the generally known NP-F connector. This connection type is used a lot, for video and audio accessories. The BB-06 is ready to use after you place 6 AA batteries inside. Compatible with the Falcon Eyes DV-96, DV-216, DV-80SL, DV-240SL and DV-300F2.


This situation is probably familiar to you: you want to capture some shots, but the batteries of your LED lamp or audio mixer are empty. The BB-06 is a great solution. The BB-06 works on AA batteries, which you can replace fast and easily. Now you're always equipped with enough power.

Batteries are not included.

Falcon Eyes Battery Pack BB-06

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