The BL-30TD from Falcon Eyes is a powerful LED lamp, which is indispensable in any professional studio. The power LED provides unprecedented brightness, while the housing remains relatively compact. An adjustable color temperature of 3000K to 8000K ensures that the BL-30TD is precisely matched to the ambient light. The included controller accommodates two v-mount batteries, so you can also use the BL-30TD on site. The power of 300W provides a lux value of 104,000 at half a meter distance.

BL-30TD Accessories

The Bowens mount allows you to connect many Linkstar accessories to the BL-30TD. For example, a softbox allows for extra soft light. We have added the softboxes together with some v-mount batteries to the optional accessories.

Usage BL-30TD

If you are looking for a very large amount of light, the BL-30TD is ideal for you. An adjustable color temperature, 95 CRI value and optional dual v-mount battery operation make the BL-30TD a versatile LED lamp for the demanding professional. DMX control and wireless communication between multiple BL-30TD lamps ensure effortless operation.

DMX Control BL-30TD

A UTP cable allows you to connect the BL-30TD to a DMX panel to control brightness and color temperature.

Falcon Eyes Bi-Color LED Lamp Dimmable BL-30TD

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