The Falcon Eyes T6 is a compact LED-lamp set, which is suitable for photo and video recordings in both studio and on location. The powerful lamp consists of 144 small LED's, which together generate a power of 20W. You can control this power steplessly yourself, as well as the colour temperature. These colors can be adjusted from 3000 Kelvin, which gives a warm white color to create coziness and warmth. The maximum colour temperature is 5600 Kelvin, which you can use to create a cool white light. This tends to be daylight.

Do you want to use the Falcon Eyes T6 on location? No problem! With the two included NP-F550 batteries you are not dependent on mains power. In addition, a hotshoe adapter and a mini ball head are also included. This allows you to use the lamp on your camera and tripod. You can take it all with you safely and easily in the Falcon Eyes storage case.

Usage Falcon Eyes LED Lamp Set T6

To use the lamp with batteries, both must be fully charged before use. Use the supplied battery charger. This allows you to charge one battery at a time. To use the LED-lamp set, place the two full batteries in their positions at the back of the lamp. These batteries can be disconnected from the lamp by pressing the 'release'-button. For use with mains power you need the Falcon Eyes Power Supply SP-AC15 (see optional accessories).

On the back of the T6 there are three buttons that you can select separately from each other: CCT(K), Dimmer and Channel. The CCT(K) button is used to control the color temperature and the Dimmer is used to adjust the power. If you want to set multiple lights on the same channel, use the Channel button. After selecting turn the rotary knob to determine the desired settings and the LED lamp is ready for use!

Falcon Eyes Bi-Color LED Lamp Set T6 incl. Battery

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