The SO-300TDX from Falcon Eyes is a modern LED solution that provides extremely soft light. The individual LEDs are not visible, but instead a single soft light haze is emitted. The wattage of the SO-300TDX is 300 watts. The light is emitted at an angle of 66 degrees, with the CRI value of 95 providing natural colours. The brightness of the light is infinitely adjustable by means of the built-in touch screen. It is also possible to adjust the colour temperature, from 3000K to 5600K. You can power the SO-300TDX with the included power adapter or two optional 14.8v v-mount batteries.

Usage SO-300TDX

The SO-300TDX is indispensable for video recording in your studio and on location. This type of light is also being used more and more when taking portraits. The soft, wide-spread light ensures a natural reproduction of the subject. Thanks to its spigot connection, the SO-300TDX fits on any sturdy lamp stand, see optional accessories. The lamp has hinges on the sides. This allows the lamp to be adjusted in almost any angle. The control panel on the back of the lamp allows you to control multiple lamps at the same time with one control panel. All you have to do is put the lamps on the same channel. There are special modes for the film industry with which you can simulate thunderstorms and more. The Sophiez lamps with 'TDX' in their name do not work together with the 'TD' versions. For example, you cannot control the SO-48TD wirelessly with the SO-108TDX. But you can use the SO-68TD. You can use this lamp with the RC-3T Remote Control from Falcon Eyes. See optional accessories. Operation with the DMX512 protocol is also possible, using optional UTP cables and a DMX panel.

DMX panel connection

The lamp has an RJ45 plug to connect to a DMX panel. This allows you to control the light based on the DMX512 protocol. The last picture shows this connection.

Falcon Eyes Bi-Color LED Lamp Sophiez SO-300TDX on 230V

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