The Falcon Eyes CS-2450 C-Stand with Boom Arm, also known as a century stand, is a durable and strong c-stand essential for videography. The CS-2450 is generally used to hang a studio flash unit or lamp from the stand. Further, the CS-2450 can be used to hang accessories such as flags, reflectors honeycomb grids in front of a light source to create various lighting effects. The included boom arm can be set and fastened in positions varying from high to low, to achieve your desired effect. When the Boom Arm has been extended to this length, it can hold up to 8 kg.

Falcon Eyes CS-2450 C-Stand with Boom Arm Specifications

The included tripod is equipped with a 3/8” spigot adapter, which can be used alone as a stand for your studio flash unit. Optional accessories include a spigot adapter to connect a camera or headset with a 1/4" or 3/8" thread to the boom arm.

Falcon Eyes C-Stand with Light Boom CS-2450 245 cm

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