The Falcon Eyes VST-03 Camera Stabilizer is suitable for cameras weighing between 1 and 5 kg. Once a camera is mounted on top of the VST-05, the stabilizer prevents, reduces and compromises unwanted camera movements to ensure stable and smooth recording. The bottom of the stabilizer is equipped with 3 legs on which, 3 counterweights can be attached. By attaching these supplied counterweights, the VST-03 transforms into a mini tripod and can be used to further prevent camera movements and instability.

The VST-03 ensures the camera is stabilized in various ways:

  • The platform on which the camera is mounted can be adjusted left-/rightside and forwards/backwards.
  • The number of the counterweights can be increased and decreased.
  • The height can be adjusted between 63 and 110 cm.

Once you have adjusted the VST-03 to suit your needs, the camera will retain its stability regardless of the unsteady movements made by your hand.


Falcon Eyes Camera Stabilizer VST-03

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