The CO-48TD of Falcon Eyes is a spare controller of the Falcon Eyes SO-48TD. With the controller you can adjust the light step-less till 100%. You can adjust de light temperature between 3000K and 5600K.
This can be done via the touchscreen or the two rotary knobs.

Application of the Falcon Eyes Spare Controller CO-48TD

The spare controller is suitable for the SO-48TD, but can also be used for the wireless control of one or more units in the SO-TD series.

Controlling multiple lamps

It is possible to control several lamps simultaneously with one control panel. All you have to do is put the lamps on the same channel (A/B/C/D). If you use different types of lamps from the Sophiez, LPL and RX series, you can also control them with just one control panel. The Sophiez lamps with 'TDX' in their name do not work together with the 'TD' versions. For example, you cannot control the SO-48TD wirelessly with the SO-108TDX. But you can with the SO-68TD.

Please note: This spare controller is only suitable for newer versions of the SO-48TD, where the controller on the back of the lamp can be changed with a click system. In older versions of the lamp, the controller is fix installed on the backside of the lamp and cannot be changed.

Falcon Eyes Control Unit CO-48TD for RX-48TD

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