The CX-18TD of Falcon Eyes is a spare controller of the Falcon Eyes RX-18TD. With the controller you can adjust the light step-less till 100%. You can adjust de light temperature between 3000K and 5600K.
This can be done via the touchscreen.

Usage of the Falcon Eyes Spare Controller CX-18TD

The spare controller is suitable for the RX-18TD, but can also be used for the wireless control of one or more units in the RX-TD series.

Unique features:

  • 3000K-5600K
  • works on mains electricity
  • V-Mount
  • Touchscreen

Wireless communication:
When using the control panel at the backside of for example the Sophiez, LPL and RX lights you can control all the lights at the same time. The only thing you have to do is putting all the lights at the same channel (A/B/C/D/OFF), after putting all the lights on to the same channel you can control the whole group. When you’ve got different kind of lamps from these series you can also control them with just one control panel. It is possible to create different sets and to control them by setting them on different channels. The lamps with “TDX” in their name do not work together with the “TD” series. For example, the RX-12TD can for example not be wireless controlled with the RX-24TDX. But is can be controlled with the RX-18TD.

Different versions

There are two different controllers for the RX-18TD available. You are looking at the standard controller supplied with the RX-18TD. This one does not allow DMX operation.
If you prefer to control the RX-18TD with DMX, you can choose another controller which makes this possible, the CX-18TDX (see optional accessories).


Falcon Eyes Control Unit CX-18TD for RX-18TD

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