The Falcon Eyes LHGK-2500-40 Daylight Set contains two lamp holders each equipped with an umbrella holder, two reflectors (20cm), two 40W energy saving spiral lamps each with a power comparability of 200W and two light stands (2m).

This set is ideal for product photography, portrait photography and videography and is suitable for both, beginner and experienced photographers and videographers

The supplied reflectors contain a Falcon Eyes bayonet ring, allowing them to simply click onto the lamp holder securely. The LHG-500 lamp holder is equipped with a Falcon Eyes bayonet connecter making it possible to connect many different accessories such as a softbox, strip light or beauty dish. Due to the heat produced by the LHG-500 lamp, we advise you to use heat resistant softboxes from the SBQ range.

If you wish to increase your light output, it possible to purchase the Falcon Eyes AD-4E27 Lamp Holder Adapter. This adapter simply fits into LHG-500 lamp socket and allows you to use four lamps instead of one. The maximum light output is 55W per lamp. These accessories can be found in the optional accessories tab below.

Falcon Eyes Daylight Set LHGK-2500-40

SKU: 290580