The Falcon Eyes Diffuser + Honeycomb F7-DF+HC is a handy accessory set for use with the Falcon Eyes RGB LED lamp PockeLite F7. The set consists of a diffuser and honeycomb, which can easily be attached to the compact F7. You can use the diffuser to soften the light. The honeycomb can be attached to the RGB lamp when you want to control the light more. Both the diffuser and honeycomb are made of solid rubber, so you can easily attach them around the PockeLite to create the desired lighting effect. The PockeLite F7 can be found at optional accessories.

Usage Falcon Eyes Diffuser + Honeycomb F7-DF+HC

To use the diffuser or honeycomb in combination with the PockeLite F7, place it on the RGB lamp. At the back of the lamp, attach the accessories using the rubber mounting straps.

Falcon Eyes Diffuser + Honeycomb Grid F7-DF+HC for PockeLite F7

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