This SP-XC04 Extension Cable of Falcon Eyes is 4 meter long and made for the LED lights from the RX-T and LPL series. It gives you the possibility to control your lamp on a distance of 4 meters at its maximum with the controller. The cable is placed between the lamp and the controller of the lamp.

This extension cable is compatible with the:

  • LPL S1602T
  • LPL 3602TD
  • LPL 2802T-K2
  • LPL S3602TD
  • LPL S6002TD
  • LPL 1602T
  • RX-12T
  • RX-12TD
  • RX-18T
  • RX-18TD

Falcon Eyes Extension Cable SP-XC04 4m

SKU: 291970