The Falcon Eyes RX-818-K1 is a flexible LED panel with many lighting options. In addition to cold and warm light, the RX-818-K1 also offers the complete RGB spectrum. In addition, the lamp can mimic Rosco and Lee filters and show various special effects. For all colours, you can count on the highest quality light, with a CRI value of 95. 560 LEDs provide a total power of 100W. The color temperature varies from 2800K to 10.000K. Besides control with the buttons on the back, you can also control the RX-818-K1 with DMX. The dimensions are 61 x 46 cm.

Flexibility RX-818-K1

The flexible design allows you to bend the RX-818-K1 in any angle and direction. It is even possible to roll the RX-818-K1 into a tube. Mounting o