The Falcon Eyes LED Panel RX-36TDX exists out of 1176 LEDs. This flexible LED mat has a CRI value of 95. With the newest technologies it is even possible to roll your panel like a cylinder, which you could use for example with 360° panorama photography. You can dim the light step-less till 100%. With the controller you can adjust the color temperature between 3000K and 5600K. The included Velcro tape gives you the opportunity to attach your flexible LED mat onto almost anything. You can put your flexible LED mat on the included X-frame, which gives you a rectangular LED panel. Because the LED panel is only 10mm thick and 1 kg you can easily take it with you. It is splash proof. You can either use the LED lamp via mains power or two 14,8V V-mount batteries (see optional accessories). You can also use this LED mat in combination with a softbox and honeycomb, which are optionally available also.

Usage Falcon Eyes RX-36TDX

The RX-36TDX is suitable for product- and portrait photography. You can take the RX-36TDX easily with you, which makes it ideal for photography on the go.

Unique features:

  • CRI value of 95
  • Splash proof
  • 3000K - 5600K
  • 250W
  • 1176 LEDs

Wireless communication:

When using the control panel at the backside of for example the Sophiez, LPL and RX lights you can control all the lights at the same time. The only thing you have to do is putting all the lights at the same channel (A/B/C/D OFF), after putting all the lights on to the same channel you can control the whole group. When you’ve got different kind of lamps from these series you can also control them with just one control panel. It is possible to create different sets and to control them by setting them on different channels. The lamps with 'TDX' in their name do not work with the 'TD' versions. For example, you can not control the RX-12T wirelessly with the RX-24TDX. With the RX-18TD this works fine.

You can use this lamp with the RC-3T Remote Control from Falcon Eyes. See the optional accessories.

DMX panel connection

The lamp has an RJ45 plug to connect to a DMX panel. This allows you to control the light based on the DMX512 protocol. The last picture shows this connection.

Falcon Eyes Flexible Bi-Color LED Panel RX-36TDX 120x45 cm

SKU: 290708