The Falcon Eyes SP-L1000 Floor Stand is a useful photo studio accessory. The SP-L1000 is supplied with a spigot with interchangeable 1/4” and 3/8” screw thread. The spigot is located on the leg of the floor stand at a height of just 12 cm. Various optional accessories can be mounted on both, the top of the SP-L1000 and on the included spigot (see photo 2 and 3). The SP-L1000 is ideal for use in combination with a photo tent or photo table. The SP-L1000 enables you to illuminate the bottom of the photo tent or photo table.

When folded, the SP-L1000 has a length of just 34 cm, making it extremely easy to carry to and from location.

Falcon Eyes Floor Stand SP-L1000

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