The Falcon Eyes FEOB-10EX Deep Foldable Octabox has a diameter of 100 cm and is easy to set up. The FEOB-10EX is suitable for portrait and product photography and is supplied with 2 diffuse cloths. The diffuse material spreads the light evenly, provides a neutral colour temperature and minimizes shadows and reflections.

Falcon Eyes FEOB-10EX Deep Foldable Octabox Specifications

The FEOB-10EX is supplied with a standard Falcon Eyes speed ring. This speed ring is compatible with all Falcon Eyes studio flash units except for the Falcon Eyes SS series.

By using an additional speed ring adapter, the FEOB-10EX is compatible with Bowens, Broncolor, Elichrom, Hensel, Multiblitz and Linkstar studio flash units.

These softboxes are not suitable for halogen lamps, (such as the Falcon Eyes QLT-1000), due to the high heat generation of these lamps. The soft boxes from the SBQ series are suitable for such types of lamps.

Falcon Eyes Foldable Deep Octabox FEOB-10EX 100 cm

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