The SPB70 from Falcon Eyes is a high quality octabox with Linkstar s-bajonet. In the development of the SPB70 the manufacturer has used high quality materials, which makes the SPB70 very robust and durable. The SPB70 comes with a diffusion cloth (honeycomb is optionally available). The SPB70 is foldable and can be transported in the supplied transport bag. The unique click system ensures that you securely fasten any metal baleen. The diameter of the octabox is 70 cm. The octabox is 55 cm deep (incl. adapter ring).

Usage Falcon Eyes Foldable Octabox Spread SPB70 70 cm

If you are looking for a robust octabox that can be used universally, choose the SPB70. The foldability and supplied diffusion cloth ensure that you have extensive control over the light.

Falcon Eyes Foldable Octabox Spread SPB70 70 cm

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