The Falcon Eyes Heavy Duty Bag CC-31 is a bulky, sturdy carrying case that can carry all your studio equipment and accessories. The bag offers plenty of storage space due to its generous dimensions (interior dimensions: 51x38x44 cm). In addition, the CC-31 has two removable dividers (partitions with Velcro) in the length, so you can create three compartments according to your own layout. This allows you to store stands, lighting and accessories separately from each other. In order to protect all your valuable equipment as much as possible, the inner walls have been fitted with soft fabric upholstery. On the corners of the bag there are also so-called pads, should the suitcase unexpectedly get a 'tap'. This heavy duty bag is suitable for the lamps below (see optional accessories):

• Falcon Eyes Bi-Color LED Lamp Sets T6 / T8 / T10
• Falcon Eyes SO-28TD
• Falcon Eyes SO-48TD
• Falcon Eyes LPW-150TD

Usage Falcon Eyes Heavy Duty Bag CC-31

At the top, in the width of the bag, there are carrying straps with a velcro connection. This allows you to carry the bag comfortably with you. In addition, the Falcon Eyes CC-31 also has handles on both sides, with which you can hold the bag on both sides or in a tilted position. In addition, this of course also makes it suitable for carrying the bag with two people. Above the handles there are also two belt fasteners. You can attach the extra strap (supplied as standard) to this, so that you can also carry the bag lengthways with a belt. The inside of the CC-31 is completely removable by means of a zipper. This creates even more space, but the side walls are made of hard plastic and the bottom edge of wood. This is therefore suitable if you are transporting less expensive or fragile equipment, for which you need just a little more space than this heavy duty bag already offers as standard.

Falcon Eyes Heavy Duty Bag CC-31 55x44x50 cm

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