The Falcon Eyes High Speed Receiver RF-Q830LC-R supports both manual and automatic TTL communication with the camera. The lighting values for each of these groups can also be set individually. Further, with the e-TTL radio trigger set, EV corrections, sync-mode (1st/2nd curtain, high speed sync etc.), zoom settings and flash bracketing mode, can be set via the camera menu.

Specifications Falcon Eyes High Speed Receiver RF-Q830LC-R for Canon!

  • Wireless FSK2.4Ghz system.
  • The RF Q830LC-R is equipped with an LCD display.
  • Adjustable in three groups, 7modes and 30 channels.
  • Flash mode E-TTL, TTL, M, Multi-Flash.
  • Suitable for HSS 1/8000s.
  • 100 meter range.
  • Speedlites can be placed on the receiver.
  • Auto Save setting
  • Support in live view

The Falcon Eyes RF Q830LC-R is suitable for Canon cameras and/or speedlites, but can be used in combination with the Falcon Eyes speedlites as well.

This triggerset is not compatible with:

Falcon Eyes High Speed Receiver RF-Q830LC-R for Canon

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