The Falcon Eyes RF-Q830LC Trigger Set supports both, manual and automatic TTL communication with the camera. With the use of additional receivers, multiple speedlites can be used and divided into groups. The lighting values for each of these groups can also be set individually. Further, with the e-TTL radio trigger set, EV corrections, sync-mode (1st/2nd curtain, high speed sync etc.), zoom settings and flash bracketing mode, can be set via the camera menu. Through the use of the included synchronization cable, the Falcon Eyes RF-Q830LC can be used to trigger a studio flash unit. Additionally.

Specifications Falcon Eyes RF-Q830LC for Canon!

  • Wireless FSK2.4Ghz system.
  • The RF Q830LC is equipped with an LCD display.
  • Adjustable in three groups, 7modus and 30 channels.
  • Flash mode E-TTL, TTL, M, Multi-Flash.
  • Suitable for HSS 1/8000s.
  • 100 meter range.
  • Speedlites can be placed on both the transmitter and receiver.
  • Auto Save setting
  • Support in live view

The Falcon Eyes RF Q830LC is suitable for Canon cameras and/or speedlites, but can be used in combination with the Falcon Eyes Speedlites as well.


This triggerset is not compatible with:

Falcon Eyes High Speed Trigger Set RF-Q830LC for Canon

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