The Falcon Eyes SP-03HS Hotshoe Adapter can be used to attach small accessories with a ¼” female thread, such as a LED lamp, onto your camera. Once the SP-03HS is placed on the hotshoe of the camera, it can be tightened to secure it into place.

The adapter has a height of 27mm and a diameter of 35mm.

Possibilities of the Falcon Eyes Hotshoe Adapter SP-03HS

The top of the adapter is equipped with a ¼” male screw thread and the bottom is equipped with a ¼” female screw thread, allowing you to mount the adapter on any universal light stand. As the adapter has a hotshoe connection, the adapter can be attached to the hotshoe connection on your camera.

Please note: if you have a Sony or Konica Minolta camera, you will need to purchase the Falcon Eyes HS-25Sa Hotshoe Adapter which can be found in the optional accessories tab below.

Falcon Eyes Hotshoe Adapter SP-03HS

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