This Falcon Eyes flash umbrella has a transparent, golden and silver cover. By using the different covers, it's possible to use the flash umbrella as a diffuser-umbrella or a reflection-umbrella. When used as a diffuser-umbrella, you can use it to reflect soft light. Besides that it has the possibility to flash through the material to create a softbox effect. When used as a reflection umbrella, it can be used to create an indirect soft lighting effect. An umbrella with a golden coating inside reflects "warm" light and an umbrella with a silver inside reflects fairly "hard" light. Due to the large size of the flash umbrella, the light scatters in an ideal way. Because of its size, we recommend to use a stable light stand.

In order to use the flash umbrella on a light stand, the Falcon Eyes Tilting Bracket CLD-11 or the Falcon Eyes Tilting Bracket CLD-15 (optional) can be used (see "Optional Accessories").


  • Diffuus-white, golden and silver covers
  • Tube diameter 8 mm
  • Solid construction
  • Can be used for most studio flashes and continuous lighting
  • Foldable and easy to carry


Falcon Eyes Jumbo Umbrella 5 in 1 URK-T86TGS 216 cm

SKU: 295442