The Falcon Eyes DV-120FV LED Lamp is both a continuous lighting solution and a flash unit. The DV-120FV is suitable for both photography and videography. The LED lamp consists of 120 LED lights with a light output of 7.4W in the continuous lighting mode and 29.6W in the flash mode.

Falcon Eyes DV-120FV LED Lamp Specifications

The DV-120FV is equipped with a test button and can be set to continuous lighting mode with or without flash. These modes are set manually and are compatible with all cameras equipped with a middle contact, hotshoe connection. A compatible trigger set, such as the Pixel Pawn Triggerset, will need to be purchased to utilize the wireless flash mode of the DV-120FV.

The LED lamp is delivered with a mini ball head and a camera bracket, enabling you to mount the LED lamp next to your camera. The DV-120FV is powered by 4 AA batteries, which are not included in the delivery.

* Please note, in order to use the DV-120FV with a Sony/Minolta camera, an extra hotshoe will need to be purchased. The Pixel TF-325 hotshoe adapter is compatible with the DV-120FV and is available in the optional accessories tab below.

Falcon Eyes LED Lamp with Flash DV-120FV on Penlite

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