The LB-16-K3 from Falcon Eyes is an LED set consisting of three LB-16 LED sticks. The housing of each LB-16 stick has a built-in battery, so you can use the LB-16-K3 at any location. With the press of a button you can switch on the lighting, where the color temperature and power are infinitely adjustable. With a range of 3000K to 5600K, you ensure a perfect match with the ambient light. The individual sticks are wirelessly connected to each other, so you with the supplied remote control the light of the complete set in één times can adjust.

Multiple configurations LB-16-K3

You can choose to attach the three LB-16 sticks together as a triangle. It is also possible to attach the three LB-16 sticks together as a long rod. For both configurations, all mounting material is included. You can also place the LB-16 sticks on a tripod with the 1/4 inch female thread. The recommended tripod can be found under the optional accessories.

Usage LB-16-K3

When you're looking for new creative ways to highlight a subject, the LB-16 is ideal for you. Take creative photos of a model with a luminous triangle in its eyes, make a nice three-point arrangement during an interview or light a wide object equally. A separate fuse is included for all three lamps, so that the LB-16 sticks can also be securely attached above people. The set comes complete with a charger for the remote control, charger for simultaneous charging of the three LED sticks and a robust storage case. The case contains enough space to carry other products, thanks to the double bottom.

Falcon Eyes LED Light Stick Kit LB-16-K3 with Case

SKU: 290654