The LM-1650HA from Falcon Eyes is an extra sturdy tripod with thick tubes and a compact spreading position. This allows the air-suspended tripod to carry heavy equipment. At the same time, the LM-1650HA is easy to fold and carry. The sections have a diameter of 36, 40 and 45 mm. The included interchangeable spigot is provided with a 1/4 "male thread on one side and a 3/8" male thread on the other side. The maximum loadable weight is 22.5 KG, depending on the maximum height.

Usage LM-1650HA

Do you want to place the larger and heavier equipment on a tripod without worrying? Then is the LM-1650HA suitable for you. During the development, attention was paid to a stable design and extra high build quality, so that you can do your work without worries. Ideal for the heavier strobes, Sophiez lamps and Fresnel spots.

Maximal load capacity:
With just the first section fully extended: 22.5 kg
The first and second section fully extended: 22.5 kg
The first, second and third section fully extended: 18 kg

Falcon Eyes Light Stand LM-1650HA Heavy Duty 165 cm

SKU: 295213