The Falcon Eyes TRS-3120HL Light Stand on Wheels is a durable light stand with a large spread for extra stability. The TRS-3120HL is therefore essential for use with big and heavy studio equipment. The TRS-3120HL is equipped with wheels, enabling you to easily move the light stand around. The TRS-3120HL is supplied with a spigot (without thread) on which various accessories can be mounted.  Further, the top of the TRS-3120HL is equipped with 3 adjustable sections and a hole, in which an optional boom arm or spigot can be mounted. (see optional accesories)

Falcon Eyes TRS-3120HL Light Stand on Wheels Specifications

The wheels are equipped with brakes, enabling you to position and fix the light stand wherever you wish. The bottom of the light stand is equipped with a power cord clip on which you power cord can be attached, so that it does not get in the way.

Falcon Eyes Light Stand on Wheels TRS-3120HL 312 cm

SKU: 295295