The Falcon Eyes DV-3B Macro LED Lamp is a LED lamp suitable for macro photography. Macro photography refers to the close-up photography of very small object such as animals or plants, but is not limited thereto. Generally, subjects shot at a close distance endure shadowing caused by the camera and/or lens. The DV-3B can be used to overcome this problem.

Falcon Eyes DV-3B Macro LED Lamp Specifications

The DV-3B is equipped with a standard hotshoe connection, enabling you to mount the LED lamp on top of your camera. Alternatively, the DV-3B can be mounted on a tripod via the integrated ¼” female screw thread. The DV-3B consists of 3 separate LED lamps, each with a light output of 1W. The 3 lights are individually adjustable and are attached to 3 separate, bendable arms. Included in the delivery 4 red coloured filters, 4 yellow coloured filters, 4 blue coloured filters, 4 green coloured filters and 4 transparent filters, which can be mounted on the 3 lamps as you wish. 3 focus caps are also delivered with the DV-3B allowing you to better focus the light onto the subject you are photographing. The DV-3B is powered by 4 AA batteries, which are not included in the delivery.

Falcon Eyes Macro LED Lamp DV-3B on Penlite

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