This product is no longer available. We recommend the RL-130 (571642) as a replacement.

The Falcon Eyes MRC-80FV Macro Ring Lamp is both a continuous lighting and a flash unit, suitable for portrait or macro photography. The MRC-80FV is suitable for both photography and videography.

The ring lamp consists of 80 dimmable LED lights with a light output of 5.1W in the continuous lighting mode and 20.4W in the flash mode. The MRC-80FV can be mounted to the lens of your camera by means of one of the included adapter rings and powered by mounting the battery pack on the hotshoe of your camera and linking the ring and battery pack through the supplied connection cable.

* Please note: in order to use the MRC-80FV with a Sony/Minolta camera, an extra hotshoe will need to be purchased. The Pixel TF-325 hotshoe adapter is compatible with the MRC-80FV and is available in the optional accessories tab below.

This Ringlamp has ISO values of:

  • ISO 100/50cm GN:13
  • ISO 100/ 1m GN:7
  • ISO 100/ 2m NA
  • ISO 200/50cm GN:18
  • ISO 200/ 1m GN:10
  • ISO 200/ 2m GN:6


The ring lamp is great in situations where you want to capture the subject on a beautiful, natural way.

  RL-130 RL-160 MRC-80FV
Power 5W  10W   3,7W
Color temperature 4800K   5600K  5500K
Number of LEDs 46  160  80 
Continue light Yes Yes   Yes
Flash light Yes No Yes

Separate controller
(On the hotshoe)

Yes  No  Yes 
Power source 4x AA-battery

6x AA-battery
Wall socket

4x AA-battery


Falcon Eyes Macro Ring Lamp with Flash MRC-80FV

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