The Falcon Eyes Mini LED Fresnel P-12 is a compact, 120 Watt fresnel LED lamp that is suitable for use during any video or photo production where a large amount of light is needed. Thanks to 7 pre-programmed theme effects, it is also possible to recreate certain situations in a lifelike way.

The considerable power output of 120W is optimised thanks to the fresnel filter, creating an attractive, strong beam of light. Thanks to this filter, you also have the range and beam of traditional continuous lighting, but without the heat, size and weight that traditional lighting or spotlights bring. The colour temperature of the lamp is 5600K, which is daylight. In addition, you can rely on a CRI value (colour fastness) of no less than 97, thanks to a special LED chip integrated into the lamp. The orange rotating ring also allows you to adjust the light distribution from 15° to 60°. The power of the P-12 is infinitely adjustable.

The control unit has a V-mount connection, allowing you to use the P-12 both in your studio and on location. On the underside of the adjustable U-bracket there is a standard spigot connection, which makes the lamp compatible with almost every standard lamp stand. The mini LED Fresnel also has a Bowens connection, to which you can connect various accessories, such as a softbox (see optional accessoiries). Finally, the fresnel lamp has a DMX connection, so you can control several lamps centrally. The above accessories are all optionally available.

Special effects!

The Falcon Eyes lamp has a number of built-in modes, with which you can create no less than 7 special effects to mimic certain situations. These are: thunderstorm, candlelight, tunnel, paparazzi, fireworks, fast flash and slow flash.

Usage Falcon Eyes Mini LED Fresnel P-12 120W

Because of its compact size and large power output, the lamp is extremely useful for use during, for example, ENG productions (productions on location), small studios and interviews. But the P-12 is also a good solution for newborn shoots, where babies are not bothered by bright flashes. As standard, the LED lamp runs on 230V, but you can also use it via optionally available batteries.

Falcon Eyes Mini LED Fresnel P-12 120W

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