The Falcon Eyes Octabox + Honeycomb Grid SR-SBQH2000+OB15HC gives a beautiful round and soft spread of light. The inside of this softbox is provided with silver reflective material, which provides high light output and nice reflection. The softbox is included with a grid (honeycomb), giving you more options. You can use the softbox with or without a grid. As soon as you put the grid on the softbox, it makes for more centered light.


Usage SR-SBQH2000 + OB15HC

The Falcon Eyes SR-SBQH2000 + OB15HC octabox is easy to mount on the lamp. This octabox is suitable for the CLL-3000/4800 and DLL-3000/4800 fresnel lamps.


Falcon Eyes Octabox + Honeycomb Grid SR-SBQH2000+OB15HC

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