The Falcon Eyes STL-1324FL Deluxe Photo Table Kit is ideal for capturing high-quality product photos. The STL-1324L is supplied with 4 FL-C556U-B Daylight Lamps, which can easily be mounted onto the large cube-shaped frame of the photo table. It is also possible to mount one of the lamps underneath the photo table to achieve an ideal lighting situation. Each of the FL-C556U-B lamps has an output of 330W and produce a colour temperature of between 3200 and 5500K. Further, the STL-1324FL is supplied with a background system and 3 rolls of background paper in black, red and blue.

Falcon Eyes STL-1324FL Deluxe Photo Table Kit Specifications

The STL-1324FL is 240 cm high and 130 cm wide and has a maximum loading weight of 15 kg. The photo table is equipped with 4 wheels enabling you to easily move the STL-1324FL around and securely position it where you wish. The included tubes have a diameter of 35.6 mm and the FL-C556U-B lamps have the following dimensions, 59 x 52 x 7 cm. The maximum dimensions of the product you're photographing are 100 x 60 x 60 cm.

Falcon Eyes Photo Table Kit Deluxe STL-1324FL

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