The Falcon Eyes ST-0611CT Foldable Photo Table is a professional tool used to take shadow free, product photos. The ST-0611CT is therefore suitable for advertisement or webshop product photography.

The back panel of the shooting table is adjustable and can be secured into place using the supplied clamps. Further, the shooting table has a maximum length of 116cm.

The ST-0611CT is supplied with 2 tube clamps with spigot, enabling you to mount your lamps and/or flash units in various positions along the table. Lamps can also be placed underneath and behind the ST-0611CT to take shadow free photos of objects such as glass, plastic, jewelry, watches, ceramics and electronics.

The working height of this table is 53 cm.

Falcon Eyes Photo Table ST-0611CT 60x116 Foldable

SKU: 298611