The Falcon Eyes CPS-170 is an easy to put up cylindrical shaped tent. The tent is foldable and thanks to the supplied case easy to take along on location. Thanks to the round shape of the tent you can optimally light products from all sides. By lighting the transparent tent from the outside, you'll get a soft lighting on the inside. This tent is suitable for reflection-free and shadowless photography of larger objects. At the front of the tent is a 115 cm zipper which opens up to the second ring so you can determine the size of the opening for yourself. Thanks to this zipper you can easily place large objects in the tent. On top of the tent is a loop, so you can hang the tent on, for example, a Boomarm (see optional accessories). The Photo Tent doesn't have a bottom.  

Falcon Eyes Photo Tent Cylindrical PS-170 H170 cm

SKU: 298660